Smidge Small Batch Supplements™

We craft our supplements with the utmost care, using only the cleanest formulas. Probiotics, digestive enzymes, whole food vitamins and natural minerals.

Premium and clean with essential nutrients

Welcome to Smidge™! We craft our supplements with the utmost care, using only the cleanest formulas. 

Check out the bubbly labels and you’ll find honest-to-goodness, premium ingredients. And critical nutrient profiles that are missing in today’s standard American diet — and difficult to get from even the healthiest real foods. 

What won’t you find in our all-natural supplements? No unnecessary additives, preservatives, binders or fillers. No common allergens, chemicals, synthetic vitamins or artificial coloring. And especially no commercial overprocessing with cheap ingredients. 

Sustainable Sourcing and Ingredients

At Smidge™, we make a conscious effort to employ and support sustainable practices in all facets of our operation. From our choice of suppliers to environmental protection, lean manufacturing and consciously minimal packaging. Our carbon footprint is always a concern, and we believe every little bit counts. 


All of our products are:

  • Non-GMO or sustainable/natural
  • Fresh, with very few ingredients
  • Backed by research and tested ingredients
  • Potent, so only a smidge of a dose is required
  • Free of additives, common allergens or fillers, whenever possible
  • Derived from sustainable, compassionate principles
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